AIchatbot is the perfect solution for customer service.
It is an AI powered conversational chatbot builder which allows you to create a custom GPT chatbot trained from data provided by you.
This is done by uploading your website URL, PDF files, or even sitemap.
In addition, AIchatbot is capable of responding to customer queries in multiple languages and is easily embedded to your website.
This not only helps in saving time but also makes it more convenient for customers to get their queries answered without any hassle.

The chatbot also drafts email responses for all emails queries/tickets and can even process lead generations.
It provides a much more efficient way of customer service as compared to other alternatives which require you to spend hours composing and responding to just 30% of the emails queries.
AIchatbot is an extremely helpful solution for customer service and can be highly beneficial to businesses who want to offer quicker and more reliable customer service.