Supercharge your productivity with these advanced tools.

Automation tools that revolutionize the way you work

Build your own tool environment with no-code tools

AI tools that simply blow your mind

Elevate your SEO or social media game with these amazing tools


Hoppy Copy is the AI Email Copywriter tool to transform your content creation process, boost engagement, and optimize email campaigns. And much more...


An all-in-one content marketing and copywriting tool

Gizzmo Ai

Gizzmo simplifies Amazon affiliate content creation. Product reviews, roundups, gift guides - all with a few clicks! A game-changer for affiliates.


SalesRobot is a powerful sales automation system that connects with LinkedIn and helps sales reps boost productivity and close more deals via social media and email outreach.


SurgeGraph is the ultimate tool for creating SEO-optimized content that ranks quickly on Google. It is one of the best tools for long-form content and all this comes at a very reasonable price.


Personalize Cold Emails Instantly with Luna. The AI technology which SDRs and Business Owners love for winning more deals. Automated messages are dead these days. Get more replies on your cold emails with Luna.


Scalenut is an AI-Powered SEO and Content Marketing Platform. Embrace the future of content marketing with Scalenut, and watch brands reach new heights.


Neuroflash is the ultimate solution that revolutionizes the way marketers approach copy creation. Bid farewell to manual labor and welcome AI-driven productivity that magnifies your brand's voice.


Jasper is the generative AI platform for business that helps your team create content tailored for your brand 10X faster, wherever you work online.

NextGenTools is committed to bringing you the latest and greatest in next-gen tools. This AI tool list showcases hundreds of amazing automation tools, no-code tools, and AI tools, designed to help individuals and businesses alike save time, increase efficiency, and streamline processes. Whether you’re looking to automate routine tasks, build applications without writing a single line of code, or harness the power of artificial intelligence, our platform has you covered.

  • Are you tired of chasing the social media algorithm's ever-changing tail? Well, get ready to take a load off because we've found the secret sauce to make your social media management a breeze. Get ready to meet your new best friend in content creation and scheduling - SocialBee! 🚀✨ What’s our Take on SocialBee? Our experience [...]

  • How I Use Surfer SEO: A Surfer SEO Tutorial for Writers Before we get started, let's address the elephant in the room: SEO isn't dead. And neither are the ever-evolving algorithms of search engines. So, we need reliable tools for SEO to speed up writing and updating content that can rank higher than your competitors [...]

  • In the vast universe of digital networking, there's a constellation of tools and tricks to propel your LinkedIn success. But imagine having a trusted co-pilot, a witty sidekick, and a guardian angel all rolled into one, working tirelessly to supercharge your LinkedIn game.  Enter Closely AI, the digital dynamo that's about to transform your LinkedIn [...]

  • Ever find yourself tangled in a web of spreadsheets, buried under heaps of documents, and losing track of databases? Ever wish there was one tool that could pull it all together? Welcome to Smartsuite. This is no ordinary project management software. Picture this: A world where work views are not just tables or calendars but [...]

  • AI-driven Speech to Note quickly converts spoken words to summaries, ideal for meetings, interviews, lectures.

  • Discover Success.ai: Unlock unlimited emails, AI & 700M+ leads. Free trial now!

  • All-in-one practice management platform: Kliniki.

  • VoiceGenie.ai is a voice-based customer service and sales automation tool for revenue acceleration and improved customer experience. It also handles precise human commands like adjusting pitch, volume, or repeating sentences whenever the customer asks for it.

  • Frictionless: AI-powered growth planning software that makes creating a strategy simple – from identifying target audiences to writing compelling messaging to building effective tactics.

  • Avatarly transforms selfies into digital avatars, offering 12 distinct options with easy-to-use interface and no data storage.

  • AI-powered emails with AImReply: craft perfect emails in seconds.

  • Build AI apps easily without data pipelines, vector databases, Python.

  • novita.ai is an Al-powered platform offering fast, affordable image generation APls, with 10,000+ models, 2 sec. image generation and pay-as-you-go pricing.

  • Automate support with AI: build custom chatbot in minutes.

  • Harness Midjourney API to create AI Art from text; supports V5/Niji, web interface, free images daily, fast mode (40-50s), 95% success rate.

  • Create free unlimited AI humans instantly with Human Generator.

  • HeyLibby! automates lead qualification and scheduling, personalizes conversations, and integrates with CRM platforms and tools.

  • AI VYX is a dynamic platform to empower learning, growth, and success in AI. With powerful tools and resources, it's your trusted companion for AI innovation.

  • Ease recruitment challenges with Prime Candidate's AI-driven solutions. Try it free today!

  • oried they want to tell. Fable Fiesta assists authors with characters, settings, outlines and drafts.

  • FutureFinder.ai helps users explore career options with AI-generated personalized recommendations.

  • Choose age, body type, quality and get undressed in seconds!

  • Chat platforms transform communication with PDF sharing.

  • Create product scope in minutes.

  • Wondershare Presentory: user-friendly, AI-powered virtual presentation software.

  • Pseudoface: AI-generated, realistic faces for anonymous content creators. $0.99 to start.

  • CareerSpark: HiveSpark product for job seekers, students to generate content, save time, money, energy.

  • Pitchlane: Ryane & Patrick's software for mass personalised video outreach.

  • Momento AI addresses creator burnout, offering AI clones and digital collectibles.

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