Improve the quality of your leads with PhantomBuster 

When your boss complains about conversion rates, spending more and more time on social media looking for the perfect leads is not the correct answer. But PhantomBuster could be. 

This AI-powered lead generation solution can help you save time and streamline the process of generating qualified leads for your business. So you can free up more time to focus on what matters – growing your business. 

For 40 percent of salespeople, prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process. PhantomBuster wants to solve lead generation challenges with over 100 automation tools available in two categories: 

  • Phantoms (standalone automation tools): LinkedIn Search Export, LinkedIn Search to Lead Connection, LinkedIn Profile Scraper, Sales Navigator List Export, HubSpot CRM Enricher, etc. 
  • Flows (multiple actions that work together): LinkedIn Search to Lead Outreach, Google Maps Search to Contact Data, Twitter Follower Collector, Facebook Group Members Export, etc. 

The software integrates with the most popular platforms marketers and sales reps use to learn more about their leads — LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Slack, and even Yellow Pages. This way, users can automate almost any lead gen task, from collecting email addresses on LinkedIn to auto-following on Twitter. 

Who is Phantom Buster Ideal For?

  • Marketers and Entrepreneurs: PhantomBuster empowers marketers and entrepreneurs to streamline their lead generation efforts, craft personalized messages at scale, and focus on high-value tasks.
  • Sales Teams: The platform is a gamechanger for sales teams, offering valuable insights, efficient lead organization, and automated outreach to nurture prospects effectively.

Key Tools

  1. AI Phantoms: LinkedIn Profile Enricher and LinkedIn Message Writer Phantoms for data-driven lead insights and personalized messaging.
  2. Leads Page: A centralized dashboard for streamlined lead organization and targeted segmentation.
  3. LinkedIn Outreach Flow: Automated lead nurturing through connection requests, introduction messages, and follow-ups.

AI Phantoms: Your New Sidekicks for Lead Generation

Picture this: a dynamic duo of AI-powered Phantoms at your service! Say hello to the AI LinkedIn Profile Enricher Phantom, your data-savvy assistant. It goes beyond merely collecting leads; it shares your lead page and magically generates insights like lead scores and interview questions. It’s like having a lead-qualifying guru right by your side!

And that’s not all! Meet the AI LinkedIn Message Writer Phantom, your personal message maestro. Need to reach out to a massive audience with personalized messages? Share your prompts and lead page, and watch as it crafts messages that are so human-like, you’d think you wrote them yourself!

Leads Page: Centralized Awesomeness

Forget the headache of scattered spreadsheets; PhantomBuster brings all your LinkedIn leads under one roof – the Leads page! This slick dashboard organizes everything neatly, from social media profiles to contact details. You can even fine-tune the small stuff like names and emails for that personal touch. With powerful filters and search features, creating tailored segments is a breeze.

LinkedIn Outreach Flow: Your Time-Saving Superhero

Time is money, right? That’s where the LinkedIn Outreach Flow comes in to save the day! It’s the superhero of lead nurturing, sending connection requests, introduction messages, and follow-ups to multiple leads all at once. Oh, did we mention it only takes up two dashboard slots? That means you can sit back and focus on what truly matters.

Discover New Horizons with Recommended Phantoms

The excitement doesn’t end there! PhantomBuster doesn’t just stop at two Phantoms – it suggests more that suit your specific needs. Unleash your curiosity and explore fresh possibilities to supercharge your workflows effortlessly.

Why Choose PhantomBuster? It’s the Real Deal!

PhantomBuster isn’t just another fancy tool; it’s a powerhouse of efficiency, integration, and personalization. Seamlessly blending with LinkedIn, this platform empowers you to work smarter, not harder. Thanks to AI-driven messaging and data insights, your outreach becomes personalized and data-driven, leading to better decisions and conversions. Say goodbye to wasting time and resources, and get ready to unlock your true business potential with PhantomBuster!

The platform is incredibly user-friendly, regardless of your tech or coding skills. Select a Phantom or Flow from PhantomBuster’s marketplace, add your input, and let the algorithms do the hard work. 

Phantom Buster Top Features

LinkedIn Scraping

One of the most popular features is the LinkedIn Profile Scraper Phantom, which enables users to gather data from any LinkedIn profile with a few clicks. All you have to do is add the profile URL and select what data you want to extract, and PhantomBuster fills all the gaps. Combine this feature with the Sales Navigator Profile Scraper Phantom, and you can quickly gather email addresses and other critical information necessary for a successful cold outreach campaign.

Cross-Platform Outreach and Tracking

But PhantomBuster isn’t just a data extraction tool – it’s also an outreach powerhouse. You can quickly scale your connections across multiple platforms with tailored message-sending tools. With advanced AI-powered features, users can easily engage with their prospects through interactions that still feel personal and authentic. 

And with PhantomBuster’s tracking features, you can easily monitor your outreach efforts and adjust your strategy as needed. 

Phantom Buster Tools

  • LinkedIn Profile Scraper: Extract valuable data, including emails, from LinkedIn profiles effortlessly.
  • LinkedIn Auto Connect: Forge genuine connections by sending personalized invitations with ease.
  • LinkedIn Connections Export: Export LinkedIn connections’ profiles to fuel your lead generation efforts.
  • Sales Navigator Search Export: Maximize prospecting by exporting Sales Navigator search results.
  • Professional Email Finder: Quickly locate professional email addresses based on names and companies.
  • Facebook Group Members Export: Uncover hidden leads from Facebook groups.

Phantom Buster Flows

  • Salesforce CRM Enricher: Effortlessly enrich your data with valuable insights from Salesforce. Elevate your lead generation and management game with ease.
  • HubSpot CRM Enricher: Enhance your HubSpot CRM with essential data. Empower your team to make informed decisions and drive better results.
  • Pipedrive CRM Enricher: Instantly migrate data to your Pipedrive CRM. Simplify your data management and focus on closing deals.
  • LinkedIn Search to lemlist Campaign: Seamlessly migrate professional email addresses from LinkedIn to your lemlist email campaign. Nurture leads effectively and drive conversions.
  • LinkedIn Profiles to lemlist Campaign: Swiftly move LinkedIn profile data to your lemlist email campaign. Personalize outreach and stand out in your prospects’ inboxes.

Why Choose Integrations?

PhantomBuster Integrations bring harmony to your existing workflows. No more tedious data transfer or juggling between platforms. Embrace the power of seamless integration and unlock your team’s true potential.

Phantom Buster Integrations

  • LinkedIn New Connection Welcome Message: Automate personalized welcome messages to new LinkedIn connections. Make lasting impressions without lifting a finger.
  • Sales Navigator Search to Emails: Extract professional email addresses directly from Sales Navigator searches. Accelerate lead generation and outreach.
  • Google Maps Search to Contact Data: Gather contact data using Google Maps effortlessly. Simplify data collection and enrich prospect profiles.

Phantom Buster Pros

  • 100+ Readymade automations
  • AI-Powered Phantoms for in-depth data insights
  • Personalized message automation with the LinkedIn Message Writer Phantom
  • LinkedIn Outreach Flow automates lead nurturing
  • Seamless integration with popular CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive
  • Code-Free and Automatic tools accessible to users without coding expertise
  • Time-Saving Automation generating leads 24/7, even during downtime
  • 14-day free trial with no credit card required

PhantomBuster Cons:

  • Some initial learning curve may be required
  • Feature complexity may appear overwhelming for first-time users
  • Does not support multiple languages

Phantom Buster Pricing

  • 14 Days Free Trial
  • Starter: $56/Month – Good for individuals
  • Pro: $128/Month – Good for scaling growth
  • Team: $352/Month – Good for growing teams

Phantom Buster Bottomline

These features make PhantomBuster more than just a time-saver – it’s a game-changer for growing businesses. By eliminating the need for subcontractors and manual data extraction, PhantomBuster streamlines the lead generation process for a fraction of the cost.

Moreover, PhantomBuster’s advanced data extraction capabilities deliver accurate and up-to-date data about your prospects. This way, you can target your outreach efforts more effectively and increase your conversion rates.

Users also appreciate the top-notch customer support team, so you can rest assured that you’ll have all the help you need along the way — everything for an affordable price. We also appreciate the 14-day free trial with no credit card required.