Maximize Your Reach on LinkedIn with LinkBoost 

It’s no myth: LinkedIn’s algorithm favors posts from well-established accounts with large followings, making it hard for new users to gain traction. So, how do you trick the algorithm and establish yourself as a thought leader or industry expert? 

Short answer: LinkBoost — an AI-powered tool to help you expand your outreach 10X as you generate qualified engagement on your posts. 

How does it work? The platform hosts hundreds of relevant engagement pods where you connect with people interested in the same topics as you. 

What is a pod?

A pod refers to a group of individuals with shared interests who collaborate to support one another. In the context of LinkedIn pods, members of the group enhance each other’s content engagement (through likes, comments, and so on) to boost visibility and reach. Linkboost streamlines this process by automatically facilitating interactions among pod participants.

LinkBoost is all about engagement

The more engagement you get, the more the algorithm will send your content to a larger audience (according to Hootsuite). With LinkBoost, you can use the power of many to gain momentum and grow on LinkedIn. 

When you share your content through LinkBoost, other users from your pods will automatically engage with it to give it that initial boost necessary to trigger the algorithm and mark your content as worth showing. 

How is this different from other engagement pod schemes? To make this work, you must choose the best pods so that a relevant audience interacts with every post to generate natural opportunities for valuable conversations. And, with more than 400 pods available on LinkBoost, finding the right people to engage with your post organically becomes a breeze. Plus, you can create your own pods if you don’t trust AI with the task. 

And there’s more. LinkBoost includes a series of features for increasing the quality of LinkedIn interactions: 

  • Safety against abuse and spam 
  • Custom audiences by location, industry, and number of connections
  • Over 200 comment templates for high-quality conversations 
  • In-depth engagement data 

This AI-powered tool seems to understand the LinkedIn algorithm and the importance of relevance and authenticity on social media. It randomly selects and distributes comments to users engaging with the post to eliminate repetition and ensure personalized experiences for pod members. This way, every comment you receive is meaningful and impactful.  

LinkBoost will also help you connect with the right people to increase your SSI. You get to customize your audience and choose the people you want to interact with your posts using either company or private pods — with unlimited boosts to showcase your company. This way, you can dedicate more time to what really matters — nurturing relationships on social media. 



Is this platform as good as the real thing? Not really. But it does set the tone and opens the stage for you to engage in conversations that build your brand. Relying too heavily on LinkBoost to drive engagement can create a dependency on the tool and impact the long-term sustainability of your LinkedIn strategy. When used intentionally, it’s perfect for accelerating your LinkedIn growth.