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Automation tools that revolutionize the way you work

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AI tools that simply blow your mind

Elevate your SEO or social media game with these amazing tools


Writesonic assists you in generating multilingual high-quality blog posts, articles, product descriptions, and more.

QuickQR Art

QuickQR Art successfully turns the ordinary into the extraordinary by integrating art and technology. Its unique approach to transforming QR codes into artistic masterpieces has gained it global recognition and a robust user base.


Originality helps commercial web publishers, agencies, and members of the public check whether a domain or online text contains AI and/or plagiarized content.


Jasper is the generative AI platform for business that helps your team create content tailored for your brand 10X faster, wherever you work online.


If you’d like to write fresh SEO-friendly web content, Surfer’s simple Content Editor with integrated Ai and NLP features is simply the best in its class.


SalesRobot is a powerful sales automation system that connects with LinkedIn and helps sales reps boost productivity and close more deals via social media and email outreach.


SurgeGraph is the ultimate tool for creating SEO-optimized content that ranks quickly on Google. It is one of the best tools for long-form content and all this comes at a very reasonable price.


Personalize Cold Emails Instantly with Luna. The AI technology which SDRs and Business Owners love for winning more deals. Automated messages are dead these days. Get more replies on your cold emails with Luna.

NextGenTools is committed to bringing you the latest and greatest in next-gen tools. This AI tool list showcases hundreds of amazing automation tools, no-code tools, and AI tools, designed to help individuals and businesses alike save time, increase efficiency, and streamline processes. Whether you’re looking to automate routine tasks, build applications without writing a single line of code, or harness the power of artificial intelligence, our platform has you covered.

  • Rawbot simplifies AI model comparison for users, saving time and resources.

  • AI-driven translation, extensive language support, real-time translation, user-friendly interface, and privacy/security.

  • Upgrade ChatGPT with 11 incredible actions via Custom Instructions: 💾 Save, 🔧 Improve Prompt, etc. Learn more on our website.

  • Create personalised AI chat prompts with Jailbreak AI Chat's open source platform for Large Language Models.

  • BOMML simplifies AI deployment for any scenario.

  • AI-powered Mindfulq offers optimized search, answers with direct sources, reducing research time.

  • Sococal.ai offers custom content calendars, image suggestions, captions, and hashtags to help small teams, content creators, and businesses optimize their social media presence.

  • Araby AI offers Arabic-focused AI tech for various tasks, enabling users to increase productivity and creativity.

  • Type '/Genie' for AI-crafted content in seconds.

  • AI-generated mindmaps from text to boost student, researcher productivity.

  • Generate technical docs/ideas in seconds.

  • Haller AI was founded in 2023, driven to revolutionize corporate landscape with AI tech. Streamline processes, boost operational efficiency, minimize overhead costs, empowering businesses to do more with less. Now part of Anonymous Intelligence Company Inc., shaping future of AI-enhanced content and solutions.

  • Explore AI companionship with Candy.ai: human-like chats, custom AI companions & more.

  • BluetickPDF: Free AI-powered PDF analysis tool.

  • We provide AI training data via a game-based labelling interface. Our customers enjoy real-time feedback and a global pool of engaged taggers.

  • Organic Traffic done for you with A.I-enhanced Content & Brand Amplification.

  • Diverse prompts to inspire ChatGPT conversations.

  • AI-powered writing service "WriteApp" unlocks academic potential and generates high-quality essays quickly and free.

  • Bypass AI detection with undetectable AI tool in one click.

  • Cloud-based FP&A for SMEs, Startups and Solopreneurs to quickly turn data into insights.

  • X(Twitter) Post Generator: AI-powered tone customization, unique personality in tweets, content suggestions & trending hashtags.

  • Generate business ideas for niches: AI-powered insights.

  • Analyze alt stock/crypto data; empower investments w/cutting-edge solutions.

  • trial available. RovioAI generates AI content, converts quickly with free trial.

  • AI tools to boost social media & e-commerce engagement.

  • AI-driven sales automation tool, B2B Rocket, to enhance revenue and streamline operations.

  • Say goodbye to boring workouts; try Faitness.io for personalized AI-powered workouts.

  • Chat bot integrates with website, enabling 24/7 customer service.

  • Collecting data can be valuable; involve.me's AI provides reports and powerful analysis.

  • Expontum: free, global access to 35 million research publications, automated AI/ML 24/7.

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