The efficient, scalable system that increases sales reps’ productivity

SalesRobot is a powerful sales automation system that connects with LinkedIn and helps sales reps boost productivity and close more deals via social media and email outreach. 

It uses AI to tackle some of the most common pain points sales reps face — it’s excellent for determining the customer’s needs, refining value propositions, and managing accounts with precision and efficiency.

What do sales reps love most about SalesRobot? It’s simple – it reduces their workload and frees them up to focus on high-value tasks for increased efficiency.

The software enables users to automate every stage of the buyer’s journey. From marketing to sales to service, SalesRobot has your back.

Besides automating cold email and social media outreach campaigns, sales reps can also manage leads within a mini CRM that keeps track of all interactions with existing and potential clients. 

Moreover, the tool can bypass LinkedIn’s networking limits, enabling you to reach broad audiences quickly. 

SalesRobot is scalable, so it can handle sales teams of all sizes. Plus, it provides valuable customer insights, regardless of the size of your database.

Key features 

  • SalesRobot can track and rate customer behavior online to give you valuable insights into your customer needs early on and help you identify hot leads for the sales department.
  • With SalesRobot, you can run A/B tests to determine the product features and benefits more likely to generate engagement and positive customer response.
  • The software can execute almost all account management tasks, from welcoming emails to renewing contracts, for seamless experiences from start to finish. 
  • SalesRobot includes a mini CRM that tracks all essential conversations and makes it easy to schedule follow-ups, so everything runs smoothly. 
  • SalesRobot is GDPR compliant, ensuring all customer data is handled with the utmost privacy and security.


The pricing for SalesRobot Professional starts at $99.00/month. You can also choose payment plans based on your specific requests. (

Useful for businesses and individuals looking to improve their sales outreach and customer management efforts

  • SalesRobot was designed with sales teams in mind. It automates many time-consuming tasks, allowing sales reps to focus on high-value activities such as building customer relationships and closing deals.
  • The software’s automation capabilities make it a valuable tool for marketing teams and agencies, too. It can automate email campaigns and social media outreach to reach more potential customers and generate qualified leads.
  • SalesRobot can help you manage customer interactions more effectively if you’re a business owner or entrepreneur. It provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing you to tailor your outreach efforts.
  • SalesRobot can also help lead generation agencies and freelance sales consultants who manage sales outreach for several clients.


  • LinkedIn 
  • Sales Navigator
  • Zapier
  • Hyperise 

Alternative to 

  • Crunchbase Pro 
  • Lemlist
  • Octopus
  • Zopto 


  • Relying too much on SalesRobot and its automated processes can decrease the personal touch in sales interactions, directly impacting long-term customer relationships.
  • SalesRobot doesn’t include advanced task management features, so you might need to integrate it with a project management tool via Zapier.
  • Some users found SalesRobot’s dashboard to need a better structure.