The tool that​ wins you more deals with AI-powered lead generation and personalized emails 

Luna changes the game for Sales reps and business owners. 

It can suggest new high-quality leads daily and personalize cold emails to reach out to them, making filling any sales pipeline with qualified leads easy. 

How does it work? During onboarding, Luna asks you a few questions to get a head start in finding leads that best meet your prospecting requirements. 

With millions of leads in its database, the software offers leads that perfectly fit your input, with 100% verified profiles so you can wave goodbye to hard-bounced emails. 

The tool automatically adds them to your dashboard so you can get started immediately. And if you need to incorporate your own leads into the system, you can also easily do that. 

Luna also does the copywriting for you. You sit back and relax, and the tool creates personalized cold emails for cold outreach and follow-ups. Fun fact, once Luna sends an email, it will follow up continuously until you get a response. 

It speeds up response time and reduces your sales cycle.  

And the best part is that Luna gets smarter with every interaction. Whenever you approve, deny, or modify a lead or email, Luna learns and improves lead and email copy quality.

Key features 

  • The tool uses AI to identify high-quality leads and efficiently fill your pipeline with potential customers.
  • AI analyzes the lead’s website and personalizes each cold email to increase engagement.
  • You can track open and reply rates, leads’ interests, and meeting scores to gain visibility into your outreach campaigns’ performance.
  • Every time you approve, deny, or modify a lead or email, your tool learns and improves the quality of its suggestions.
  • Thanks to a database with millions of verified leads, users get more growth opportunities.


Luna Pricing

Luna offers the following pricing plans:

  • For 25 emails per month: Free
  • For 250 emails per month: $100/month ($0.40/email)
  • For 500 emails per month: $190/month ($0.38/email)
  • For 1000 emails per month: $360/month ($0.36/email)
  • For 2500 emails per month: $825/month ($0.33/email)
  • For 5000 emails per month: $1500/month ($0.30/email)
  • For 10,000 emails per month: $2500/month ($0.25/email)

Useful for anyone who wants to improve their lead generation and outreach efforts

  • Sales reps who need to generate new leads and create personalized cold emails to win more deals
  • Business owners looking to improve their outreach efforts and increase revenue
  • Marketing professionals who need to create personalized marketing campaigns and increase their conversion rates
  • Freelancers and consultants looking for new clients who need to generate leads more efficiently


  • Luna has native integrations with Hubspot and Pipedrive.
  • You can integrate Luna with over 5,000 apps using Zapier

Alternative to 

  • Zoominfo SalesOS
  • Adapt
  • Lusha 


  • Users who need help with AI-powered lead generation tools or cold email outreach should expect a learning curve when first getting started.
  • As with all AI tools, you will see limitations to how much personalization can be achieved compared to your manually written emails.
  • Even with a verified lead database, there is no guarantee that every email you send reaches the recipient’s inbox due to factors like spam filters or email address changes.