BHuman is an AI-powered tool that enables companies to create a more human experience on a larger scale.
It produces personalized videos that look as if they were recorded individually, instead of in bulk.
This tool allows companies to record one template video and quickly customize it for thousands of recipients, while also allowing them to send it over any channel and get immediate feedback.

BHuman is used by a variety of industries, including eCommerce, automotive, real estate, HR, finance, hospitality, software, and politics.
It is great for lead generation, education & conversion, upsells & cross-sells, and customer care & success.

What makes BHuman so special is that it helps companies establish human connections on a large scale, with ease.
Companies are able to quickly personalize their videos and reach out to their desired audiences in a more natural and engaging way.
Furthermore, they can track the performance of their video quickly and accurately, getting instant feedback and results.