Cody is an AI-powered virtual employee that can revolutionize the way businesses operate.
With its ability to assist in various tasks such as answering frequently asked questions, onboarding new hires, providing support, troubleshooting, and bringing new ideas and insights, Cody allows businesses to maximize productivity and work more efficiently.
In addition, Cody is also capable of searching through all of a company’s accumulated data, such as articles, PowerPoints, and PDFs, to provide an answer to questions in mere seconds.
With the capability to be trained on specific business processes, Cody has the potential to help teams to troubleshoot quickly, brainstorm ideas, and complete tasks faster.
This allows companies to stay ahead of the competition and reach their goals faster.
Moreover, Cody can even provide insights and feedback on how to effectively manage employees and resources.
With Cody, businesses can streamline their operations and take their productivity to the next level.