ComfyUI is a powerful, modular stable diffusion GUI with a graph/nodes interface that can drastically speed up user workflow design.
Not only does it allow users to design and execute advanced stable diffusion pipelines with a flowchart-based interface, but it is also capable of supporting SD1.x and SD2.x.
Moreover, it offers many optimizations, such as re-executing only parts of the workflow that change between executions, as well as loading checkpoints and safetensors models.
Besides, users can generate and load full workflows from PNG files and also save/load workflows as JSON files.
Furthermore, ComfyUI supports a wide range of upscaling models such as ESRGAN, ESRGAN variants, SwinIR, Swin2SR, and so on.
In total, ComfyUI is a reliable and effective program that allows users to complete complex tasks quickly and efficiently.