Content Canvas was created out of our desire to make web development easier and faster.
We wanted to make it easier to have AI write content for webpages, and we believe that we have accomplished that!

Content Canvas was born out of a dream to make web development easier and faster – to have AI write content for webpages.
We wanted to solve the challenge of having an AI write content for webpages without having any idea about the layout of the page.
After looking back at our software and marketing experience, we realised that having a good idea of the layout is essential for creating good content.

This is how Content Canvas was created – a tool that allows anyone to quickly draft the layout of a page, and have Content Canvas produce the content according to layout and content types that you have chosen.
It has more than 200 types of content that it is capable of writing.
Once you have your layout perfected, you can take a snapshot of it and share it with your client or developers.

Content Canvas has been a game changer for web development.