ControlNet Pose is a powerful tool that is used to create images with the same exact pose as the person in the input image.
It uses a number of advanced techniques, such as Stable Diffusion and Controlnet, to copy weights of neural network blocks into two distinct copies – “locked” and “trainable”.
The user has full control of the number of samples, image resolution, guidance scale, seed, eta, added prompt, negative prompt, and resolution for detection, allowing them to personalize their results.
Moreover, the predictions made by ControlNet Pose usually take no more than 21 seconds to complete, making it an ideal program for quick and accurate results.
In addition, the program provides a user-friendly interface, allowing even novice users to easily navigate it.
All in all, ControlNet Pose is an efficient program that can be used to generate images with the same pose as the person in the input image.