CopyPro is a cloud-based copywriting platform that offers users access to an abundance of templates, resources, and tools from renowned copywriters and marketers.
With CopyPro, users can quickly create, customize, and optimize copy for their business with the help of AI-driven features.
The platform includes a template library, a project manager, an AI-based template editor, a marketing blueprint creator, an AI Rewrite™, an AI-Based Copy Impact Score™, and email support.
To meet the needs of different users, CopyPro offers three different membership levels.
The highest level provides additional benefits such as live group coaching, lead acquisition training, one-on-one customization and training, personalized funnel creation, and Jon Benson’s Hook System.
All these features make CopyPro an ideal platform to produce top-notch copy with maximum efficiency.
Additionally, it helps users save time, money, and effort while ensuring that the end