DailyBot is an innovative virtual assistant that helps teams stay agile and efficient.
It offers a comprehensive suite of features such as check-ins, kudos, mood tracking, dailybot+ AI, forms, fun add-ons, and automation workflows.
It is designed to integrate seamlessly with popular chatting platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and Discord.
That way, teams can enjoy the convenience of having all their tools in one place.
DailyBot is the perfect tool for teams to easily conduct standups, retros, peer recognition and rewards, team motivation, surveys and data collection, watercoolers, and custom commands.
And it even provides AI capabilities to chat and workflows, allowing for smarter decision making and streamlined processes.
In addition, DailyBot also adds a layer of fun to the workplace with its fun add-ons and automated workflows.
It’s a must-have tool for any team that is looking for an efficient and enjoyable way to work.