Desku is the perfect platform to manage your entire customer service operations efficiently.
By connecting your Ecommerce store (Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid) with Desku, you can sync all of your customers in minutes.
Our AI-powered Smart Features help increase efficiency and balance between customer support and business growth.
Desku can unify customer queries from multiple platforms in one single interface, and our No-Code Chatbot Builder allows users to quickly deploy chatbots to Whatsapp, Messenger, or their own custom website.
Additionally, our Smart AI Features can summarise customer conversations and sentiment, and make it easier to assign email queries and live chat to the right support agent to quickly provide solutions.
Desku also offers a marketing and automation feature to help businesses send personalised messages to their target audience and boost sales and revenue, as well as a Reports & Analytics feature to gain valuable insights and improve their support strategy.
All of these features make Desku the ideal platform for managing customer service operations and overcoming customer support challenges, especially for small-medium scale businesses.