Dropchat is an innovative tool that allows users to create a custom ChatGPT with their own files.
It also features a “Quick-Book Chat” feature which enables users to chat with any book by simply searching the title and author.
Dropchat is an ideal solution for those looking to outsource their repetitive or tedious internal processes to AI.
As an example, when onboarding a new hire, with Dropchat, a company can train a chatbot on their documentation and provide it to the new hire for questions any time.
This not only saves time and money but also offers a more personalized experience.
Additionally, Dropchat can also be used for customer service.
The bot comes with an embeddable code snippet which can be added to any site.
After training the chatbot, simply copy and paste the iframe code into the site and customers will be able to ask questions to an AI chatbot, instead of a human customer support agent.
This way, the company can provide faster and more efficient customer support.
In conclusion, Dropchat is a great tool that can be used to automate