Dumme is a revolutionary AI-powered video generator that can take any video or podcast, regardless of length or content type, and automatically search out the most compelling sequences while maintaining context and structure.
With Dumme, content creators can easily create ready-to-upload shorts with captions, titles, and descriptions in order to maximize the performance of their videos on all platforms.
What’s more, Dumme is incredibly user-friendly and doesn’t even require a YouTube account to use! Plus, it is compatible with most languages, so it is perfect for those who already have existing long-form content.
Dumme is the perfect tool for content creators who want to create short, engaging videos that will reach a wider audience.
With its advanced AI, it can quickly find the best clips to include in your short video, ensuring that your content will be seen and enjoyed by viewers.
Additionally, Dumme can generate captions, titles, and descriptions with ease to make sure your videos are optimized for the best performance on all platforms.
Finally, it can be used with most languages, so