ExplainDev is an AI assistant that helps developers to quickly upskill and understand code more easily.
It provides code explanations in plain language, answers to technical questions in context and guidance on what to learn next.
It allows developers to gain independence at work, by providing them the tools to understand code quickly and correctly.
This AI assistant is available as a Chrome extension, a VS Code extension, and a Tutorial Maker to help users share what they have learned.
All of these features are designed to make developers more confident in their ability to understand code and to help them up-skill in the most efficient way possible.
Additionally, ExplainDev is an effective and efficient way to help developers save time and energy, as they can quickly and easily understand code without the need to spend long hours researching how to do so.
Moreover, it provides developers with the ability to share their knowledge and experiences with others, by creating tutorials that can be used by those who are just starting out in the field.
All in all, ExplainDev is the perfect tool for developers to use in order to better understand code and gain