Fini is an AI chat tool designed specifically to help growth teams at PLG companies to identify the root cause of customer churn, and to provide a personalized customer experience that will help to retain existing customers.
It provides a range of features such as configurable tone and character, seamless human routing, multi-channel approach, feedback learning and much more.
To measure the success of this tool, it provides key metrics such as retention uplift, revenue/user uplift, activation uplift and integration time.
Furthermore, Fini offers integrations with popular platforms such as Intercom, Slack and Discord, and is trusted by data-driven tech companies across the globe.
The AI chat tool is easy to use and provides a comprehensive range of benefits that help to increase customer retention and satisfaction.
With Fini, companies can take advantage of its cutting-edge technology to provide customers with the best possible experience and to drive growth in a sustainable way.