iApply.ai is the world’s most advanced Artificial Intelligence Algorithm that simplifies the job seeking process.
Its user-friendly interface makes it easier for the job seekers to find and apply to the real-time jobs which are posted worldwide.
It does so by creating a profile of the job seeker which includes the job titles, the industries and the countries/cities they wish to work in.
It also gives the job seeker the choice to exclude the companies they do not want the AI to apply jobs to.
After the job is applied, the AI notifies the job seeker and the applied job details can be seen on their user dashboard.

The process of finding a job is made much easier and faster with iApply.ai.
It eliminates the need to spend hours and hours searching and applying for jobs on various job boards.
This makes it the ideal choice for unemployed job seekers, fresh graduates, employed individuals looking for a career shift or a better opportunity.
It is also ideal for anyone who wants to be a leader, creative, innovator or a high-achiever in