Using ImgUpscaler, users can quickly and easily upscale images using the latest AI technology without sacrificing resolution.
It is the perfect tool for Anime and Cartoon fans looking to use their favorite images as wallpapers, as it is optimized for upscaling these types of photos and is more effective than open-source programs like Waifu2x.
And it doesn’t just stop there; ImgUpscaler also ensures privacy by clearing photos within 24 hours, so users don’t need to worry about their images being stored for too long.
If that’s not enough, ImgUpscaler also offers free weekly credits for users, allowing them to get even more out of the tool.
Furthermore, batch processing makes it easy for users to upload multiple images at once, saving time and effort.
ImgUpscaler is a great choice for those who want to enjoy their Anime and Cartoon photos in the highest