MIDI-GPT is a powerful and innovative Fork Repl37 that leverages the latest version of GPT-3.5-turbo with few-shot prompting to generate high-quality MIDI files from natural language.
It is also equipped with a calculate() function that uses NumPy to quickly output the mean, variance, standard deviation, max, min, and sum of the rows, columns, and elements in a 3×3 matrix.
Furthermore, MIDI-GPT includes a for loop creative project that displays all the numbers from 1-100 except for one number, with the user requiring to input the missing number in order to exit the loop.
As an added bonus, MIDI export titles have been changed so that the MIDI filename is now set to track_name.mid, making it easier to organize and manage your MIDI files.
MIDI-GPT is the perfect tool for any musician looking to quickly generate beautiful music from natural language.
It is exceptionally easy to use and takes the creative process to the next level.