Olvy is an AI-powered changelog tool that can help you keep your users informed about your product updates in a timely manner, without having to spend hours writing up your releases.
It’s packed with useful features, such as customizable in-app widgets, a dedicated changelog portal, a release editor, and AI-writer capabilities to generate well-written releases.
Furthermore, it offers multi-language support, SEO ready features, custom domains, and custom CSS.
What’s more, Olvy also integrates with popular tools such as Slack, Discord, Zapier and Github, and provides analytics, feedback and reactions, and 1:1 notifications.
This makes it the perfect tool to help you easily connect with your users and keep them up-to-date with what’s going on with your product.
Additionally, Olvy provides user-friendly analytics and insights, to help you track the performance of your changelogs and identify areas for improvement.
This allows you to quickly adjust your releases and ensure your users are getting the most out of your product.