Orbofi is an innovative tool that allows users to generate AI-powered assets, factories, and characters for web3, games, and the metaverse.
It provides users with the opportunity to upload AI-generated images and prompts, which can then be tokenized and sold for cryptocurrency.
Furthermore, users will be able to access Community Orbs, a metaverse platform that enables users to create virtual spaces for themselves, their friends, community, followers, or brands.
Additionally, Orbofi gives users the ability to explore the AI-generated gaming and media assets, as well as their prompts, with just a few clicks.
With this tool, users can access the power of AI-generated content and benefit from the wide range of opportunities that come with it.
In addition, Orbofi helps users save time and resources by providing an easy-to-use interface that simplifies the process of creating, uploading, and tokenizing AI-generated content.
This can be a great boon for anyone looking to get into the world of AI-based creation.