What is Originality.AI?

With the sharp rise of AI-based content writing bots, the need for reliable plagiarism checkers has increased. That’s where Originality.AI comes in. This new detection tool helps commercial web publishers, agencies, and members of the public check whether a domain or online text contains AI and/or plagiarized content.


Built by marketers and Chat GPT-3 experts, this handy software offers many interesting features and covers emails, Google Docs, WordPress, and more.

Best Features

High Detection Rate

99% Accurate on GPT-4
83% Accurate on ChatGPT (GPT-4 powered)
95% Accurate on AI Created & then Paraphrased (Quillbot)
Fewer False Positives (~2.5%)
~3X More Accurate Than Any Competitor!

Ease of Use

Simply sign up with your name, email address, and a strong password, and add your debit/credit card details.

You then have a choice of running a content scan or website scan. The good news: there’s no limit to the number of website or content scans.

Plus, you can even add unlimited team members to your account, if required.

a)    Content Scan

To review selected text, just copy and paste it into a text box and then select “Detect AI” and/or “Plagiarism Check”.

b)    Website Scan

To analyze an entire website, enter the URL and click “Scan new website”.

Chrome Extension to Spot Cheating

Originality also offers a Chrome extension that helps you check for plagiarism and content written by bots.

It even permits you to monitor content writers while they work on a Google Doc (presumably with their knowledge). For example, if you’re an agency owner, you can check whether your team of content writers are using AI tools and see who has contributed to a document—and to what extent.


Originality.ai Pricing

The first $20 will currently buy you 2,000 credits. A scan of 100 words costs you one credit @ $0.01.

Automatic Credit Top-Up

Your credits are automatically topped up, so you don’t have to worry about running out. This is especially useful if you deal with large numbers of documents or websites.

Optional API integration

If you have existing workflows or online tools, you’re able to integrate Originality.AI via its API key. This gives you easy access to your Originality data from your own applications—a win-win!

Free Text Comparison Tool

With Originality’s free online tool “Text Compare”, you can quickly cross-check two documents for plagiarism, provided they’re under 10,000 words. Either enter the relevant URLs or passages, then hit “Compare texts”.

Originality.AI is an exciting new tool that’s simple to use and inexpensive. It also seems to be more advanced in detecting Chat GPT-generated content than others.

It would be nice to see more languages covered, but this is a promising tool that offers great value for money.

These days, it’s especially important to double-check online content. Make sure the text you buy or sell is plagiarism-free and written by human experts rather than by AI tools!


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