This collection of GPT-3 based apps is designed to give people a platform to create, share and remix content quickly, conveniently and intuitively.
It includes tools like chatbot tutors to help you converse in foreign languages, midjourney prompt writers to provide you with a much needed nudge of inspiration, copy AI clones which can mimic content to create original pieces, aggressive NFT salesmen which can help you get the best out of your digital assets, TikTok translators which can help you break language barriers, explain-anything tools to help you better understand a certain topic, Shakespeare insult generators which can enable you to express yourself with a bit of flair, Javascript teacher chatbots which can help you get to grips with coding, cover letter generators designed to make writing applications a breeze, wedding thank you note creators to make sure your appreciation is felt, email tone modifiers to ensure that your message is always conveyed in the right way