This tool is a comprehensive collection of GPT-3 based apps that can be used by people to create, share, remix, and customize content as per their needs.
It has various tools to offer, including chatbot tutors for foreign language conversations, midjourney prompt writers for those stuck in between, copy AI clones to replicate content, aggressive NFT salesmen to make a quick buck, TikTok translators for those who make videos, explain-anything tools for those who need an answer, Shakespeare insult generators for those who need a witty retort, Javascript teacher chatbots for those who need to learn the language, cover letter generators for job seekers, wedding thank you note creators for the newlyweds, email tone modifiers for a professional outlook, language-to-SQL query converters for database handling, Twitter bio generators who want to make a good first impression, factual Q&A tools for those who are curious, gift genie clones to help out with the selection process, slide presentation content creators for those who need to make a presentation, organize sloppy notes tools for those