**What is ProductShots?**

ProductShots creates photorealistic product imagery of your product in seconds using cutting edge generative AI. A standard product photo can be reimagined into stunning unique visual content with a few clicks, ready for social media, ad creative or website imagery use.

**Design Tools**: Background Generator, Background Remover, Photo Enhancer, Object Remover, Shadow Creator

**Features**: Template and Custom Prompts, Template and Custom Scenes, API, Shopify App

**Problem we are solving**

– Limited budget for new content for social media campaigns, ad creative or website photos
– Limited time available to invest in creating new content
– Limited resources available to support the need for content required to market their product
– Diverse visual taste across their audience can present a creative challenge of creating highly engaging and converting content
– Ultimately this limits the growth of businesses, and ultimately their ability to communicate their story and unique product offering to their audience.


– Instantly generate new, creative imagery for any type of product for endless unique social media content, to optimize ad testing and conversion, or new PDP imagery
– Improve conversion with enhanced product imagery, cleaner backgrounds and more engaging visuals
– Ability to rapidly experiment and prototype on the aesthetic of visual content
– Scale product image generation and catalog enrichment by automating content creation for thousands of brands and products at once

**Use Cases:**

– **Product Catalog and Social Media Campaigns for DTC brand:**
A DTC brand owner or marketing team can use ProductShots.ai to rapidly produce diverse and captivating images for their catalog and social media campaigns. By simply uploading product photos, they can create a variety of visually appealing images, ensuring a constant stream of fresh and engaging content for their audience, which can lead to increased engagement and conversions.
– **E-commerce Marketplace Image Standardization:**
For an online marketplace with a vast array of products from different sellers, maintaining a consistent visual standard can be challenging. ProductShots.ai offers a solution by enabling the marketplace to automatically generate high-quality, consistent product images. This ensures a cohesive and professional appearance across the entire product catalog, enhancing the overall shopping experience and potentially increasing sales.
– **Ad Testing for Marketing Agencies:**
A marketing agency focusing on e-commerce clients can utilize ProductShots.ai for efficient ad testing. By quickly generating multiple variations of product images with different backgrounds and layouts, the agency can test and optimize ad visuals to determine which images yield the highest conversion rates. This rapid prototyping capability allows for more effective and data-driven marketing strategies.