Roshi is a revolutionary tool that simplifies teachers’ workloads by providing an easy way to create engaging learning materials from any online source in just one click.
Roshi takes the hassle out of creating lesson plans, making sure the text is at the right grade level, generating questions based on the content and providing detailed analysis of the lesson.
Furthermore, the tool offers teachers a unique opportunity to design educational materials that are tailored to their students’ needs and expectations.
By using Roshi, teachers can save time and energy to focus on the most important aspect of their job, which is to teach their pupils.
Moreover, Roshi offers an unprecedented insight into how students grasp the material and their progress, allowing teachers to evaluate their performance and make the necessary adjustments to ensure the best possible learning outcome.
In conclusion, Roshi is a must-have for any teacher looking to make the most out of their lessons and provide their students with stimulating learning material.