Our mission is to make AI training data accessible and affordable for organizations of all sizes.
We do this by providing a consumer game that enables labellers to work remotely with an internet connection.
Our game-like labelling platform is not only designed to make data annotation enjoyable, but also to provide instantaneous feedback to ensure that all labels are precise.
For businesses that require accurate data labelling, we provide an innovative alternative to offshoring their labelling tasks.
We have a large network of highly driven and dedicated taggers who are willing to help.

We strive to make AI training data accessible and reasonable for businesses of all sizes.
We are passionate about aiding organisations to better prepare their data for AI training.
Our game-based labelling interface is designed to be engaging and enjoyable, whilst also delivering feedback in real time to guarantee exact labels.
For our customers, we offer a cutting-edge substitute to outsourcing labelling tasks to foreign countries.
We have a broad pool of highly motivated and engaged taggers who are ready and willing to help.
With our help, AI training