At ellScale, we have been providing top sales teams with an AI-first outbound sales solution that takes care of everything from lead generation to booking.
With the help of our solution, the likes of Brex, Verkada, Monday, and countless venture-backed startups have seen unbeatable results.
Our clients, on average, can expect to see a 4x ROI within just 6 months, and a 200+% increase in conversion rates.
Furthermore, they often experience an influx of millions of dollars of pipeline generated after an initial ramp.

Our solution works from start to finish, providing not only lead lists and pre-qualifying leads, but also warming up mailboxes on email, LinkedIn, and outbound automation powered by AI.
We have developed a highly-effective, adjustable, and scalable outbound engine that covers all the top four outbound channels, including Email, Linkedin, SMS, and Calling.
Thanks to this, our clients have been able to increase their sales performance exponentially.