SkimAI is a tool designed to streamline the investment process for entrepreneurs and investors. Their slogan, “From pitch deck to investment memos at the speed of light,” highlights the tool’s ability to efficiently generate investment memos based on pitch deck content.

With SkimAI, you can connect and network with entrepreneurs while the AI-powered platform collects and organizes relevant information for you.

It supports uploading various file types, ensuring that it can parse and transcribe key pieces of information from different sources. The tool’s main goal is to simplify and expedite the investment process for both startups and investors by automating the creation of investment memos from pitch decks.


SkimAI not only streamlines the investment process but also improves decision-making, thanks to its ability to perform faster analysis of pitch decks and provide deeper investment insights.

By efficiently parsing and transcribing key information from various file types, SkimAI enables investors to make more informed decisions in a shorter amount of time.

This quick analysis aligns with the idea that good decisions don’t necessarily have to be slow ones. Overall, SkimAI enhances the decision-making process by delivering comprehensive insights, allowing investors to make smarter choices with greater confidence.