The Stable Attribution tool is a revolutionary way of identifying the creators of images that have been used to train an artificial intelligence (AI).
By simply uploading an image generated by Stable Diffusion, users are able to retrieve the human-made source images and the people who made them.
This can be incredibly helpful to those who need to know the source or origin of the images used to train their AI.
Not only that, but the Stable Attribution tool also allows users to conveniently share the attribution link of the creator if known.
This is a tremendous benefit to those who need to ensure that they are giving proper credit to the person who made the image.
Furthermore, the Stable Attribution tool is incredibly simple and easy to use, allowing anyone with access to the internet to be able to use it.
In short, the Stable Attribution tool is a great way for anyone to identify the creators of images used to train AI, and can provide a simple way for users to give credit to the creator if known.