Steamship’s LangChain is an incredibly convenient and efficient platform to quickly deploy and host managed LangChain Apps.
It provides a wide range of features such as cloud-based logging, key management, data storage, and even built-in embedding search and custom endpoints.
With this platform, the user can easily wrap their code into Flask-style endpoints, and deploy a live, multi-user API with only one command.
Steamship also offers an array of hosted LangChain Examples and Swap-ins – OpenAI, ConversationBufferMemory, ConversationBufferWindowMemory, Google Search and Audio Transcription – that can be used to further enhance the user’s experience.
Additionally, users can benefit from Steamship’s state-of-the-art analytics capabilities, allowing for in-depth insights into the performance of their applications.
By taking advantage of Steamship’s LangChain, users can easily deploy and manage their applications