Stork is a revolutionary collaboration workspace designed to help hybrid and remote teams work together asynchronously, with the help of Artificial Professionals.
Its innovative features make it easy for teams to stay in sync, even when working from different locations.
With Stork, teams can record calls, send voice and video notes, create channels for team alignment, have serendipitous meetings at watercoolers, and share video stories using the built-in screen recorder.
It also offers read and playback receipts for all messages, video, and audio conferences, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

Stork is the perfect solution for agile, dispersed teams who are looking for a way to collaborate remotely and still stay connected.
All team members can come together and share their best ideas, thoughts and experiences no matter where they are located.
Stork provides the perfect platform for teams to engage and collaborate asynchronously, with the help of Artificial Profession