ChatGPT is an incredibly powerful user interface tool that offers users the ability to add a unique set of features to their conversations.
With features like selecting and exporting conversations into multiple formats, searching through conversations, changing language, syncing a copy of conversations locally, adding history to user input, pinning important messages, creating a prompt library, adding input history modal, word and character counters, copying chats, customizing the continue button, selecting and deleting a group of chats, enabling/disabling safe mode, and even reading an AI newsletter – the potential applications are endless.
Even better, all user data is stored locally on the user’s computer, with the Auto Sync feature allowing them to download a copy of all their conversations.
And of course, user information is never sold or shared with any third parties.
With ChatGPT, users have the ability to create truly unique, personalized conversations – ensuring they get the most out of their experience.