OpenAI’s GPT-3 has been given a magical opportunity – access to the entire Harry Potter series! This ingenious GPT, aptly named The GPT Who Lived, is capable of using the text from all seven books to create new stories and spells from the world of Harry Potter.
With GPT-3’s advanced capabilities, it is able to generate text that is so authentic that it’s difficult to tell the difference between what it has created and the original texts.
Not only will this GPT be able to produce new stories, but it will also be able to analyse the existing texts and identify nuances that were previously overlooked.
By giving The GPT Who Lived access to the entire Harry Potter series, OpenAI has opened the door to an exciting new world of creativity and exploration.
By providing this GPT with the resources to understand the series in a way that has never been done before, it is sure to provide new and insightful perspectives.
Whether it is unlocking the secrets of a spell or uncovering a previously undiscovered character arc, The GPT Who Lived is