TTS Voice Wizard is a revolutionary tool that allows users to convert their speech to text, and then back to speech, using the power of Microsoft Azure Voice Recognition and TTS technology.
This tool is an absolute must-have for anyone wishing to have their words heard in VRChat! It also sends OSC messages to display text on an avatar, allowing users to be seen and heard in the virtual world.
The customization options make this tool even more impressive, with over 100 different voices, 20+ supported languages, and the ability to show a song title, artist, and progress above the user.
You can even customize the avatar to fit your exact personality and style! With TTS Voice Wizard, you can easily become the life of the party in any virtual world.
Plus, it’s simple to use and requires no technical experience, so anyone can use it with ease

For a more detailed look at the app’s features, check out the Demonstration Video.

So why wait? Try out TTS Voice Wizard today!