Lifecast is the state-of-the-art volumetric capture solution for creating immersive mixed reality experiences and 3D scenes for virtual production.
Unlike traditional volumetric capture systems that focus on a single subject, Lifecast’s software enables you to capture a complete immersive scene with both foreground and background with relative ease and efficiency.
It seamlessly integrates with off-the-shelf VR180 cameras, such as the Canon EOS R5, providing a wider field of view and greater resolution.
The software’s Volumetric Video Editor reconstructs a 3D model for every frame of your video and compresses it into a standard video file format, ready to be used in popular game engines like Unreal or Unity, for deployment on the web using JavaScript, WebXR, or for viewing in Looking Glass holographic glasses-free 3D displays.
The software also includes a 3D viewer for LDI3 volumetric videos and photos, allowing you to view color, depth, and alpha channels for each layer, as well as edit depth maps and alpha channels for a single frame