Say goodbye to tedious Saturday evenings filled with indecisiveness and disagreements on what to watch. With, you can now let an AI-powered assistant recommend the perfect movie or TV show for you and your family or friends to enjoy. Its advanced algorithm takes into account your viewing history, preferences, and ratings, and suggests personalized options that are sure to satisfy everyone’s tastes. So sit back, relax, and let make your Saturday nights more enjoyable than ever before.

WatchThis.Dev is an exciting tool that uses OpenAI and Vercel Edge Functions to provide users with tailored, unique show or movie recommendations.
From the comfort of their own home, users can select the type of cinema they wish to watch (TV Show, Movie, or No Preference), and choose from a wide range of categories (Action, Adventure, Animation, etc.).
They can also select other specifications, such as the year of the movie, the type of content, and the genre.
After selecting their preferences, WatchThis.Dev will generate a list of highly curated recommendations for users to enjoy.
This revolutionary tool makes it easy for users to find new shows and movies that suit their individual interests, ensuring that they never run out of entertaining content.
With WatchThis.Dev, scrolling through endless lists of movies and shows is a thing of the past!