Zeeno is a revolutionary AI assistant that makes life a lot easier.
It lives in your very own mobile keyboard, allowing you to do a variety of tasks without ever having to leave your chat box.
Re-phrase tweets, brainstorm recipe ideas, generate replies for emails, and more- Zeeno does it all.
Not only that, but with Zeeno, you can supercharge your tweets and captions, come up with ideas for projects, and do research all within the chat box.
To get Zeeno, you have to go to the keyboard settings, add ‘AiKeyboard’, select it and turn on ‘allow full access’.
It is incredibly simple, and you will be able to experience the power of AI at your fingertips.
With Zeeno, you can take your productivity and creativity to the next level.
It is the perfect assistant for those who want a smarter and easier way to stay on top of their work.