Descritella is a revolutionary AI-powered app that simplifies how businesses automate their product descriptions and keywords.
With its powerful image recognition technology, the app simplifies the process of adding accurate descriptions and keywords to product photos, making it easier to manage inventory and improve the customer search experience.
Uploading an image of a product to Descritella’s platform will result in a deep analysis of the image, extracting relevant information such as product details, features, and attributes.
This information can be tailored and edited to fit the individual’s needs.
In addition, Descritella provides an unlimited multi-photo uploader and beta mode for users to test the effectiveness of the app.
This means businesses can have the confidence that their product descriptions and keywords will be consistent and accurate.
With Descritella, businesses have the assurance that their product descriptions are both professional and up-to-date.
Furthermore, businesses can rest assured that their customers will have a much more efficient and enjoyable shopping experience.
Descritella’s deep learning technology also enables businesses to detect any product changes or additions